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April 2011

PhysicsUpdate Primordial Weirdness: Did The Early Universe Have 1 Dimension?

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If you have something to hide from the government, don't use

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nytimes At War: Pentagon Is Quiet on ‘Three Cups of Tea’

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国际新闻记者的社交网络使用秘笈 | IJNet… via @addthis

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bridgeduan 喝茶谈话守则普及:自己的事不记得,别人的事不清楚,特定事件不了解,没看法。

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xiaolai ted字幕下载软件:…

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hi seesmic desktop

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nytimes Qaddafi Son Proposes Peace Plan, Diplomat Says

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xiaolai 何来激情?

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Newton’s three-body problem - (via Instapaper)

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