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June 2011

PhysicsToday Job Posting: Research Assistant | University of Arkansas

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TheEconomist Tensions between China’s prosperous middle classes and its poor will make it a harder country to govern

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nytimes Prominent Chinese Dissident Hu Jia Is Freed From Jail

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My answer on @Quora to: Is there a risk of lightning strike when using a mobile phone?

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TheEconomist Jon Huntsman launches his 2012 presidential bid. Will his positive message win him enough support in the primaries?

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ChinaBizWatch Huawei: China’s best kept secret ~Telegraph

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LaserFocusWorld First telecom-wavelength QD laser is grown on silicon —

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guardiantech Sarah Palin emails: what you’ve found so far

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TIME Why being in debt makes some feel empowered | (via @TIMEMoneyland)

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